36mm / 42mm CPL Magfilter

$400.00 HKD -


Lumix CM1 , CM10向けのTurtleback製フードカバー・レンズキャップとのセット商品(36mmのみ)もございます。


When not in use, the MagFilter can be quickly removed (no cumbersome unthreading involved) and the camera retains it's original compact form factor.
The Carry Speed MagFilter system adds no additional bulk, which we find is an important feature for maintaining the pocket-ability of these small high end compact cameras, especially if you need to fit them back into their OEM travel cases.

You can buy this Turtleback Hood cap and this CPL Magfilter (only 36 mm) for use with Panasonic Lumix DMC-CM1 and DMC-CM10.

after payment confirm, 3~5 days for preparation then ship. CAN NOT cancel this item.