Tohzi Å x0.4 スーパーワイドレンズTohzi Å x0.4 Super Wide Conversion Lens clip

$620.00 HKD -

・x0.4 スーパーワイドレンズ

・x0.4 Super Wide Lens
・Turtle Clip
・Mini Pouch

Tohzi Å x0.4 はスマートフォンカメラのために設計された高クオリティの
x0.4 超広角レンズです。

The Å x0.4 を使えば対象を中央においたまま周辺を撮すことで全体の雰囲気まで

iPhone5s with Å x0.4 ワールドカップにて



Tohzi Å x0.4 is a premium quality super x0.4 wide lens designed for the smartphone camera.

The Å x0.4 will let you capture the atmosphere while keeping the subject the hero of the shot.

World cup shot with iPhone5s with Å x0.4
Here's a quick look at the difference in the angle of view between the Tohzi lens, Turtleback pro-series lenses, and with no lens.

The image below show a picture taken with and without all the lenses offered from this project. All images are shot from the same position.